The Most Important Money Saving Thing You Will EVER Read As a Vegan

31 Dec


Yes, the Vegan choice of cheese can be frozen. The bag it comes in is mighty fancy looking but the company refuses to put a resealable zipper on it because they think you won’t have it laying around in your kitchen long. Here is how I remedy this issue.

When I buy my Daiya, I cut the whole top off the bag and dump half into a zip lock bag, squeezing out as much air as possible. THIS BAG GOES IMMEDIATELY IN THE FREEZER. I fill another bag with the rest of the cheese and squeeze out all the air. It helps it last longer in the fridge.

The best part about freezing daiya is it does not take long to thaw out, and you can even just crumble it onto whatever you’re about to put into the oven and it will bake just fine. They company recommends not re-freezing the cheese once thawed but I’m a rebel and have done this with no issues.


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