Vegan Zeppoles

1 Jan

The recipe for pizza dough from Vegan with a Vengeance makes enough dough for two 14 inch pizzas. That is a lot of pizza for one vegan girl, so I took the second dough ball and split it. I needed a treat for New Years Eve and with no chocolate in sight, I went for quick and easy Italian Zeppoles! All you need to make them is pizza dough, oil for frying, and powdered sugar.

I cut my dough into two portions and then rolled them out long like a snake. I cut this into thirds, and then rolled them between my palms. Some came out a little bigger than others, I tried to even them out after the picture. These do puff up in the oil a bit so don’t be worried about how tiny they look. Having a thermometer to test the temp of the oil is best, you want it about 350 degrees. Mine was a bit too hot at first and some of them didn’t cook all the way in the middle, because I sadly don’t have a thermometer. Drop them into the oil slowly on a spoon. When they start to get brown on the edges, flip them over gently. Remove with a slotted spoon and place them on paper towels or a brown paper bag to drain.

Get out your sifter and dust these beauties with powdered sugar, or even sprinkle with some raw sugar if you so please. I prefer the boardwalk standard of powdered. If you really want the authentic boardwalk experience, toss these in a paper bag filled with powdered sugar and give em a good shake. It’ll make a mess but being clean with this dessert is pretty impossible in the first place. Enjoy!


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