Who wouldn’t want to live in a cute, pink, vegan world? I went from omni to vegan back in April ’11, and it has opened me up to a world of food! Foods I never thought I’d try, and foods I’d never even HEARD OF!! It isn’t all tofu and salad, people!

Before I knew it, my desktop was cluttered with word document files of random recipes, cooked and raw. Why not start a blog where I can make an attempt at being organized, and share my kitchen with the world? And ya know, dust off that ol’ camera for some good old fashioned FOOD PORN.

Why My Little Pony though? I’ve always loved the Ponies, and started collecting G3’s when I was in High School. I had everything Pony, down to the bed sheets! But I moved in with my boyfriend, and the sheets obviously couldn’t come, and my Pony collection was boxed away. Until I discovered “Friendship is Magic” and it rekindled my love with all things Ponyville, especially PINKIE PIE!

See, I’ve been baking up cupcakes for years now and for a while took a hiatus because well, it’s sometimes hard to find people to pawn off your home baked goods on, and I can’t be eating cupcakes every day! But watching My Little Pony has re-perked my interest in baking because the cartoon-y baked goods just look SO DARN CUTE AND DELICIOUS on the show! So hopefully I’ll also be sharing some vegan treats on this site!


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