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My Little Review: Earth Balance Aged White Cheddar Puffs

23 Feb

Earth Balance Loves You!


When Earth Balance announced that they were selling essentially a vegan puffed cheese doodle, I rejoiced. Probably shouldn’t have though, since cheese doodles were a terrible vice for me that I would sneak out of my mother’s pantry and consume the entire bag in one sitting. Bad bad bad!! I had to go to Whole Foods to find these, as right now I believe they are exclusive to them.

I guess I cannot say that I was disappointed by them since I finished half the bag on the car ride home, but if you are buying these looking for a cheese doodle, lower your expectations. Which is kind of sad because cheese doodles are not exactly the gourmet snack food of the century. These lacked the jagged brutality of a cheese doodle, that super roughly processed cheese powder. While puffed, they were still kind of dense and crunchy. I used to love sucking the air out of cheese doodles ( yeah I’m a weirdo!!) and you can’t really do that with these. They are essentially a slightly puffier version of the Tings crunchy cheese snacks. Also not sure why they had to call them “aged” white cheddar, they just taste like a mild white cheddar, almost like smartfood popcorn.


the bag is a little redundant, pointing out THREE TIMES that they are vegan. I guess they don’t want to confuse anyone in to thinking it is “real aged white cheddar” since I’m not even sure you can age vegan cheese!! The gluten free and non GMO crowd will probably be very happy too. Basically this snack hits all of the high points for the health conscious who still want ungodly snacks. They don’t even contain palm oil! I would probably buy these again if I get a sudden snack craving, but would not try to pass them off to non vegans as a cheese doodle substitute. Get jagged and terrible for me, Earth Balance!!